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         ​Statistical Analysis of Peruvian Paso Longevity Project data

40% of Peruvian Horses Live More than 20 Years

Cynthia Fraser, PhD
Associate Professor, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia
Author of Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage, Third Edition (2013)

Dates of death, and corresponding ages, are not typically reported to registries.

The Longevity Project opened up the possibility to learn just how long

Peruvian Horses live. From a sample of all North American registered

Peruvian horses born in 1995 or earlier, and belonging to owners of horses

on the Longevity List, 40% are identified as having lived into their

20s and 30s—with many still alive. Horses on the Longevity list are not unusual

outliers. . . rather, they represent a much larger number of Peruvians that live

past 20. From owners of horses on the Longevity List, we learn that 39% of

Peruvian horses living past twenty live 25 to 39 years.

Mid Atlantic Peruvian Horse Club

Our Successful 2018 Regional Show 

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  3. dramatically improved our financial performance 
  4. and Most Importantly, had a great time at our first double show! 

Mid Atlantic Peruvian Horse Club

Margin of error is 2.4%, based on a sample of 1,601 registered Peruvian horses born 1995 or earlier on the Longevity list, living, or with known dates of death.

Dr. Fraser's analysis is being publicized by the national advertisement

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