The MAPHC was founded in 2012 to increase opportunities for Peruvian owners, breeders and aficionados to interact,  to promote the Peruvian Horse in the Mid Atlantic Region.  Our Club has strong Interests in  supporting and encouraging junior and trail riders to  experience the versatility  of our Horses.   

Top of the Hill Stallion PVFP El Amanecer with Heidi Opdyke

Our Leadership:

Board & Council of Advisors

Mid Atlantic Peruvian Horse Club

Heidi Opdyke, President, 1.862.266.2081

Ricardo Villanueva, Vice President of Marketing, 1.571.641.9469


Wilde Moran, Vice President and Liaison to the Peruvian Community, 1.703.266.7678

​Leah Coffman, Second Vice President, 1.540.520.5961

Chris McIntosh, Board Member, 1.276.744.2887

Paul Opdyke, Show Manager, 1.540.266.2604

 Lovely stall display.

Mid Atlantic Peruvian Horse Club