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The Peruvian Horse is medium size, between 14 and 15 hands tall, with refinement and good balance.  He may be of any  color.  The mane is long and  abundant.  In all aspects,  overall refinement, grace and elegance are desired.  Stallions exhibit the powerful arched neck of their Iberian  ancestors.  Peruvian Horse breeders pay scrupulous  attention to genetics, with the three primary qualities being gait, soundness and  disposition.
Edward Johanson Art
The Peruvian Horse has developed  from four  hundred and fifty years of selective breeding, descending from horses introduced into Peru by the Conquistadors: the Barb, the Spanish Jennet, and the Andalusian.  This combination yielded the smoothest ride ground covering stride and endurance to cover the vast haciendas in Peru. 
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Luis Munos Art
The Peruvian Horse’s  tremendous brio is prized by  both expert and novice horse lovers.  Brio is an inherent quality of a  noble and willing spirit that enables this  tractable horse to perform with a thrilling exuberance. tirelessly for many hours in the service of his rider.
The Peruvian Horse is spirited, yet easy to handle, smooth, and relaxed in motion.  This elegant animal offers smooth riding comfort, high energy, strength and stamina, intelligence and a trac-table disposition, animated, flashy presence and 100% natural action.